Trigger Time Blades was established in late 2022 as a side business to compliment Trigger Time Gun Club (TTGC est. Early 2012). Our goal is to deliver the highest quality blades, tools, and accessories to the most demanding consumer. While Trigger Time Gun Club can take care of your shooting needs, Trigger Time Blades will take care of the rest.

Dealer Direct:

Many if not most of the knives we carry are going to be dealer direct. That means a few things:

-In house satisfaction guarantee*

-Dealer Direct Warranty Claims & Parts

-Competitive pricing in a local environment



We hire very eager, and knowledgeable staff to help guide our customers into the best possible product for them. Whether you’re looking for some Everyday Carry work horse, or the “Holy Grail” of custom knives, we can help. Collectively, the shop has 20+ years of experience in sales and many of the employees take EDC very seriously and passionately.